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|| Chinese private equity firm invested $5 million in drone data firm Clobotics

ggv-capChina private equity firm GGV Capital has invested $5 million in drone data and computer vision start-up Clobotics.

Clobotics provides drone platform, service integration, and cloud-based industrial data analytics services. It will use the funds to expand its engineering team with a new research center in Seattle area, WA which opened this month. It already has 35 employees, including five at the research operation in Redmond, Washington. (With $3.8 billion under management across eight funds, GGV Capital has been partnering with technology entrepreneurs in the US and China for more than 17 years. It has offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Silicon Valley, with Jenny Lee as Managing Partner).

GGV Capital is listed in the Chinese Private Equity and Venture Capital Directory with the code SE49.

More details follows:

​Clobotics, a leading drone data and computer vision start-up today announced its seed round of financing, led by GGV Capital. Clobotics is the first Chinese company to apply this kind of machine learning to industrial sectors, including telecom, wind energy, construction, and retail. The company will use the funds to expand its cross-border engineering team with a new R&D center in Seattle area, WA which opened this month.

Clobotics' industrial-grade service solutions combine drone hardware integration and cloud-based data analytics to tackle the estimated $127B global market for the commercial application of drone technologies.

This DDaaS (Drone-Data-as-a-Service) approach enables businesses to have a complete picture of their operations by providing quality data that is extremely difficult to obtain. While the drone technology helps to mitigate human risk, advanced machine learning detects and defines possible issues that can save valuable time and cost. For example, the company provides a solution that automates wind turbine inspection in remote areas. Their custom-designed drones automatically calculate an optimal route to fly around a wind turbine and captures high resolution photos of the blades. The data is then streamed to the cloud where neutral nets trained using deep learning rapidly detects cracks and order types of defects.

"With the drone data industry rapidly developing, we are assembling a world-class team of computer vision, machine learning, cloud platform, and industrial drone engineers to innovate on these technologies to help the commercial sector increase productivity and reduce safety risks," said Clobotics founder George Yan.

Clobotics was co-founded by George Yan, a former VP of Microsoft, and other Microsoft veterans. 85% of the R&D team holds advanced degrees and a third of them hold PhDs. This makes them one of most technical teams to be selected into the Microsoft Accelerator program in China.

"Clobotics is taking drone technology beyond simple image capturing to developing real-world applications using machine learning and computer vision. It's exciting to be a part of this team as it uses science and engineering to solve commercial challenges in seemingly unrelated fields," said Jenny Lee, Managing Partner of GGV Capital and a board member of Clobotics.

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