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 Chinese family office acquired stake in French crystal maker Baccarat for $190 million

china-france-baccarat.jpgFortune Fountain Capital, a Chinese family office and investment firm, has acquired 88% stake in Baccarat, a French crystal company, for around $190 million.

Founded in 1764, Baccarat is a French luxury brand in high-end crystal products. It manufactures and sells a range of products, including jewelry and accessories, as well as home and decoration products. The jewelry offered by the company includes rings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets, among others. (Fortune Fountain Capital, with Chairlady Coco Chu, is a financial group established by families in Hong Kong and the Mainland China. Its major shareholder comes from the family of Mr. Wang Xizhi, one of the most famous calligraphers in Chinese history. It is active in financial services, wealth management, family office and principal investment, with its business and client portfolio spreading across Asia, North America and Europe).

Fortune Fountain Capital is listed in the Chinese Private Equity and Venture Capital Directory with the code CJL41.

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 Chinese private equity firm invested $5 million in drone data firm Clobotics

ggv-capChina private equity firm GGV Capital has invested $5 million in drone data and computer vision start-up Clobotics.

Clobotics provides drone platform, service integration, and cloud-based industrial data analytics services. It will use the funds to expand its engineering team with a new research center in Seattle area, WA which opened this month. It already has 35 employees, including five at the research operation in Redmond, Washington. (With $3.8 billion under management across eight funds, GGV Capital has been partnering with technology entrepreneurs in the US and China for more than 17 years. It has offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Silicon Valley, with Jenny Lee as Managing Partner).

GGV Capital is listed in the Chinese Private Equity and Venture Capital Directory with the code SE49.

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 Chinese investors acquired SciClone Pharmaceuticals for $605 million

cdh-californiaA consortium of Chinese investment firms have acquired stake in SciClone, a California Pharmaceutical firm, for $605 million.

Headquartered in Foster City California and listed on NASDAQ, SciClone is a revenue-generating pharmaceutical company with a product portfolio spanning major therapeutic markets including oncology, infectious diseases and cardiovascular disorders. (The buyer consortium consists of entities affiliated with GL Capital Management founded by Jeffrey Li, Bank of China Group Investment, CDH Investments, Ascendent Capital Partners, and Boying Investments of Weihang Zhu).

CDH Investments is listed in the Chinese Private Equity and Venture Capital Directory with the code OR41.

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 Chinese Investors Directory 2017 Released - 245 investment firms and 538 contacts listed

sinabeat cover 2017We just released the 2017 edition of SinaBeat Chinese Investors Directory. Now a total of 245 Chinese investment firms and 538 contacts from those firms are listed in our investors directory.

This update is released in line with our regular enhancements to the directory - now in its 5th year of publication. The last major updates have been released on Jan-2015, May-2015, Apr-2016 and Nov-2016.

As before, since the volume of the directory has increased rapidly - now at 75 pages -, we are also including the raw Excel files of all 245 firms and 538 contacts. (At the moment the raw Excel files are free when you order the directory. So order and download now or see a preview)

samle sinabeat directory excel

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 Chinese investment firm acquired stake in UK aerospace company for $30 million

kuang china ukKuang-Chi Group, a Chinese technology investment group, has acquired stake in Gilo Industries, a UK-based aerospace technology firm, for $30 million.

Gilo Industries Group has an array of aerospace engineering companies developing products and solutions across defence, commercial and recreational aviation applications. (Founded in 2010, Kuang-Chi Group makes investments in technology sectors including communications, meta-materials, and space technology with more than 2,600 employees in 18 countries with Dr. Ruopeng Liu as Chairman).

To see a list of investors from China similar to Kuang-Chi Group, check the Chinese Investors Directory.

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 Hong Kong investors acquired stake in London fintech firm for $2.6 million

mortgagegym-logo.jpgHong Kong investment firm China Pacific Capital and a consortium have acquired stake in London fintech startup MortgageGym for $2.6 million.

MortgageGym is an FCA-authorised service that allows home buyers to complete their mortgage application online in a couple of minutes. China Pacific Capital is a Hong Kong based venture capital fund which has been investing in technology companies for over 35 years in the US, UK and China.

To see listing and email addresses of contacts at Chinese investment firms similar to China Pacific Capital, download the Chinese Investors Directory

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 Chinese investment firm acquired stake in French firm Paref for $48 million

fosun-parisChinese investment firm Fosun Property Holdings have acquired stake in French property firm Paris Realty Fund (Paref) for $48 million.

French firm Paref Group operates in two areas of commercial/residential investments and management on behalf of third parties. At the end of 2016 Paref Group owned €167 million in property assets and managed assets worth €1.3 billion on behalf of third parties. (Fosun Property has more than 120 projects in 40 cities across the globe. Total asset under management is around $38 billion).

Fosun is listed in the Chinese Investors Directory with the code MA156.

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 Chinese investors of Sino IC Capital acquired US firm Xcerra for $580 million

xcerra chinaChinese investors of Unic Capital Management, an affiliate of Sino IC Capital, has acquired US semiconductor firm Xcerra Corporation for $580 million in an all cash deal.

Founded in 1976 and headquartered in Norwood, Massachusetts, Xcerra designs and manufactures equipment to test semiconductors and circuit boards. Sino IC Capital was established in 2014, with approximately $20.9 billion funds under management with Jun Lu as president.

To see a listing and email addresses of contacts at Chinese investment firms, download the Chinese Investors Directory

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 Chinese investors of CEFC acquired 19.9% of US investment bank Cowen

cefc nyc investment bankCEFC China Energy, China's sixth largest private company, has acquired 19.9 percent stake in US financial services firm Cowen Group.

Founded in 1918, Cowen Group is headquartered in New York. CEFC will pay $18 for each Cowen Class A share, representing a 29.5 percent premium to the stock's previous close. (CEFC with Ye Jianming as chairman has different investments around the world, like acquisition of 10 percent stake in the largest Czech Republic airline, as SinaBeat reported back in 2015).

CEFC China Energy is listed in the Chinese Private Equity and Venture Capital Directory with the code NO313

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 China Recon Holdings acquired 51% stake in US film studio for $100 million

chinese-film-investor-millennium.jpgChinese firm Recon Holdings has acquired a 51% stake in US film production company Millennium Films for $100 million.

Best known for its franchise properties Rambo and The Expendables, Millennium has generated over $1.2 billion in worldwide box office revenues since 2011. Recon Holding (Recon Wenyuan Cable Co) was founded in 2001 and is based in Yixing China with Dr. Tony Xia as Chairman. It is controlled by Recon Group, a multinational conglomerate which owns the Aston Villa football club.

To see a list of email addresses of contacts at Chinese investment firms, download the Chinese Investors Directory

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