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 Chinese immigration investors sign up to fund I-95 Pennsylvania Turnpike link

ptc.pngThe Philadelphia Inquirer has a story on how agents for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission are approaching Chinese immigration investors to fund $200 million for a road between the Pennsylvania Turnpike and I-95.

The project managers are trying to raise $200 million from Chinese investors under the federal Immigrant Investor Program that grants EB-5 immigration visas to foreigners who provide at least $500,000 to U.S. projects that create 10 or more American jobs. More than 100 Chinese investors have applied for this project so far.

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More details follows from The Philadelphia Inquirer

 Chinese immigrants take $1.6 billion a year overseas

china-daily.pngMore than $1.59 billion (10 billion yuan) is being taken overseas by Chinese immigrant investors every year since 2009, the Beijing-based Legal Evening News reported Tuesday.

The paper mapped the immigration routes of Chinese investors based on domestic research and immigration experts, showing that more than 80 percent of immigration wealth has flown into the United States, Canada and Australia.

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More details follows from ChinaDaily

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